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"The idea of a managed services provider was unique... Itís been a success from a technological and administrative standpoint."
- Charles J. Martin, Partner

Enabled IT


ABG's Enabled IT can provide the full range of IT products and services that will give a small- or mid-size business the same technology capabilities as a Fortune 500 company.

By taking away the technology advantage that companies with large IT departments have had, you open up a whole new range of opportunities where you can compete. For example, ABG can create an affordable, secure network that gives you access to office files and applications regardless of where you are. Or provide you with a web presence that’s indistinguishable from a global enterprise.

ABG's Enabled IT provides you with technology that levels the playing field.


ABG’s Enabled IT offers an alternative to hiring, developing and retaining staff. Through a combination of automation and remote and on-site support, we provide the support that let’s you get full value from your technology investment. With Managed Services monitoring and managing your entire IT infrastructure, performance issues are identified before they cause problems and downtime. Anticipating and preventing these problems gives you reliable IT systems that your business can depend upon.


ABG works with you to determine how technology can help your business and which products are best suited for your needs. Then we help you identify whether buy, lease, or "on-demand" subscription usage is the best option for your particular situation. The result is that every business has affordable access to the full range of IT capabilities.

Complement your existing IT staff by using ABG’s Enabled IT. Your current IT staff understands your business and its challenges and certainly has good ideas about what new technology would help your business the most. But it’s also likely that they are spending so much time maintaining the current technology and supporting users that they can’t take on new IT projects. Take advantage of their knowledge by moving your monitoring, preventive maintenance, and support work to ABG. We'll free up their time and let you use your current IT staff on high value projects that can change your business.

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