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"The idea of a managed services provider was unique... Itís been a success from a technological and administrative standpoint."
- Charles J. Martin, Partner

Assured Enterprise Archive
The Hosted Email Archiving Solution

Advanced Business Group’s Assured Enterprise Archive is a hosted email archiving service that allows you to meet your legal compliance requirements without the high cost and complexity of implementing your own in-house solution. It protects email from tampering or deletion and allows for quick, easy searching and retrieval.
  Assured Enterprise Archive
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  • Meets regulatory requirements for email archiving
  • Rapid eDiscovery – scan millions of documents in seconds
  • Easy document retrieval – no IT involvement
  • Automates email policy management.
  • Reduces your email storage usage and improves email server performance
  • Provides off-site email disaster recovery
  • Eliminates hardware to buy, manage, & maintain
  • Predictable low monthly storage cost
  • Scalable solution for future needs
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