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  • Meets regulatory requirements for archiving email. ABG’s Assured Enterprise Archive captures inbound and outbound email, indexes it, and protects both the email and attachments from loss or tampering. Granular access controls let you determine who can access the archive and what features they can use. A series of reports provides information about archiving processes and user activity in the archive.

  • Rapid eDiscovery – scan millions of emails within seconds. One of the few archiving solutions that can take advantage of 64-bit operating systems, Assured Enterprise Archive fully utilizes system resources to deliver search results faster than 32-bit based products.

  • Easy document retrieval. You can access the archive from a simple web browser interface or directly from Outlook and Lotus Notes. Restoring documents is as easy as clicking "Restore" and selecting the restore location.

  • Automates email policy management. Your administrator can specify email retention periods, storage repositories, filter rules, size of messages to stub, stubbing of email contents and/or attachments, and other parameters. Apply specific policies to entire geographic locations, departments, or teams, all the way down to the individual user level.

  • Optimizes email storage and performance. High ratio compression and single instance storage reduce your archive storage volumes by an average of 75%. By archiving, you can remove email and attachments from production mail servers, reducing server requirements and improving performance.

  • Provides off-site email disaster recovery. Your email archive is secure at ABG’s data centers and can be used to restore email in the event of a disaster.

  • No hardware to buy, manage, and maintain. No upfront costs for servers and software. No servers to secure and maintain and no databases to manage. As you storage requirements increase or decrease there is no need to buy additional servers or deal with excess server capacity.

  • Provides a predictable, low monthly storage cost. The monthly fee is simply based upon the amount of email archived.

  • Scalable solution for current and future needs. Adapts to any messaging environment. Handles petabytes of data so you will not outgrow system capabilities. Supports Unicode for searching in any language, including Latin-based and character based languages. Assured Enterprise Archive is part of unified solution for SharePoint, file systems, and OCS archiving, so as your archiving needs grow, you can stay in the same archiving environment.

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