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Assured Backup & Recovery

  Assured Backup & Recovery
  - Automatic, Always-On Data Protection
  - Total Control Over Your Backups
  - Reduced Costs and Complexity
  - Anytime, Anywhere File Recovery
  - End-to-End Data Security
  - Quick, Easy Setup
  - Assured Data Availability
  - Single Backup Solution
  - Why Worry About Backups?
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End-to-End Data Security

  • Man with LaptopData is encrypted before transmission and remains encrypted during storage.

  • 128 bit SSL encryption for data transfers provides the same security used for online banking and credit card transactions.

  • Data is also protected with 448 bit blowfish encryption, providing an additional layer of security during storage.

  • Encryption passwords are known only to the user, so there are no "back door" keys. Only the user can access their data.

  • During restores, decryption only occurs when the key holder enters the correct password.

  • No tapes or other media that can be lost or stolen during transfers to and from off-site storage vaults.

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