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"The idea of a managed services provider was unique... Itís been a success from a technological and administrative standpoint."
- Charles J. Martin, Partner

Zip Files in Emails
Due to the recent increase in CryptoLocker threats, please be advised that ABG will be blocking all zip file attachments in emails. This blocking will remain in effect until the threat subsides.

If you receive an email file attachment named or anything similar, please DO NOT open it.

At Advanced Business Group (ABG), our goal is to help you efficiently integrate cutting-edge networking and information technology with your unique business communication requirements.

ABG provides computer support and network management for a wide variety of small- and mid-sized businesses in the Chicago area.

By carefully listening to our clients' unique needs and then implementing our custom designed solutions, our clients have realized an increase in productivity, efficiency, security, sales and profits.

Call us at 888.333.1399 and let us do the same for you!

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