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"They're diligent in getting to the root of the problem and solving it."
- Larry Nakrin,
Director of Finance
Village of Vernon Hills

How are We Different?

How are We Different

  • Our primary emphasis on effective and consistent preventive maintenance and monitoring either avoids problems or lets us identify and fix problems before they interfere with users or cause downtime. This contrasts with the delays built into the conventional "break/fix" approach, which responds after a problem has occurred.

  • ABG's Enabled IT uses a combination of remote and on-site support as appropriate. Remote support is faster and more cost effective but certain problems and situations require on site support. In contrast to most IT organizations, we have the capability and resources to provide both types of support.

  • We provide your business with options that let you customize the packaging and delivering of technology products and services that you need. ABG has the resources and capabilities to host services and provide them on a subscription basis as an alternative to ownership.

  • ABG offers similar flexibility in how we support your business. We can provide all of your IT support or we can work with your existing IT staff to supplement their capabilities, freeing them for work that adds greater value to your organization.

  • Because we are around to live with the technology that we install, we know it better than project consultants. We support the technology, so we know what the total cost of ownership is not just the purchase and implementation costs. This lets us provide you with better advice about your IT investment.

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